November 1st, 2003

Dark Tower

Film Festival

We went off the the Eye Scream film festival last night, which seemed to go really well despite some technical hitches. Our review of the evening is now up here. We didn't mention the free champagne and beer, possibly because we dashed home instead, at the mercy of our frail physiologies, but I suspect it didn't hurt most people's estimation of the evening.

The indomitable Andrew and Anna from Otherleg joined us -- apparently as a short respite before Andrew leaps into National Novel Writing Month (which nation is that, do I need to ask?) Good luck to him, and everyone else having a go.

In the meantime, I have just discovered my brother Geoffrey has been transfered to London by his work (then again, he only discovered it yesterday as well). He's excited by it, and we might even get to visit... one day (our current success rate at visiting my other brother, and nephews, in Melbourne isn't too good at the moment). Good luck to him too.