October 29th, 2003

Clive Barker


There seems to be lots of things happening in the near future... must be Halloween (which is otherwise an event of almost no significance whatsoever in this part of the world).

Firstly, the Eye Scream Film Festival in on Friday night, with a whole lot of (hopefully) interesting short horror flicks vying for prizes, including one by a Sequeira. We're off to that.

Circumstances willing, we might be off to The Devil is a Woman, a play on at the Kings Cross Art Festival this Saturday (2pm). It looks at the true life story of the 'Witch of the Cross', Rosaleen Norton, and the relationship she had with English composer Eugene Goosens. It's a great story, and hopefully a great play.

Later on the Saturday, we get artbroken's short film Broadcast From Emplacement 23 being played as part of Eat Carpet (SBS, starts at 11pm).

Meanwhile, Leigh Blackmore will also be heard on TripleJ this week or next, talking about Alastair Crowley. Details not yet finalised.