October 17th, 2003

Dark Tower

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From today's Spike column in the SMH, among all the bits of Tarantino attacking an ice sculpture of himself with a katana, is this:
Tarantino said he loved Jarratt in Dark Age, a little-seen 1980s horror film about two park rangers tracking down a giant rogue croc. So little seen, in fact, that Jarratt has never watched the film himself.

Actually, it's a pretty good movie, as I ramble on about in my Dark Age review.

Dark Tower

Vote Rigging

Here's a scary story from the UK Independent, both for people concerned with government use of electronic resources (which I am, in a profesional capacity), and for those who see a conspiracy of corporate interests taking over America (and hence, of course, the world).
Dark Tower

Kill Bill (v1)

And that's what you get for fucking around with the yakuza.
The Bride
So, what was Kill Bill like?

Operatic, intimate, violent, outrageous, elegant, degrading, geeky, meticulous, empowering, dangerous, asexy, fun.

But was it any good?

Well, yes. I think Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are better, being more real (and with more good dialogue), but this is a different type of beast, and I have no complaints. I even thought the amount of material in Volume 1, and the ending, were just right, whatever the reasons were for splitting it in two. It also has the most efficient looking fight scenes I can think of -- the characters look like they are trying to seriously hurt each other in as short a time as possible, within (and sometimes without) the rules of their world.

(Grosse Pointe Blank is another movie with a particularly efficient fight scene, I mention in passing -- and not the one where the thug shoots up the convenience store.)

So go see it already!

(Edit: Added link to a review -- click on piccie. It's got a slow patch in the middle, but is pretty funny. Not as weird as the review that compared KB to a graphic Amélie...)
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Dark Tower

Various things

Just booked tickets to Licence to Wil, Wil Anderson's upcoming show at the Opera House. Since we also have tickets to Nick Cave a few days before, it's going to be a busy week (I'm sure that's average for most people, but we do what we can).

Meanwhile, for the many out there deeply curious by its absence, I finally have 30 Days of Night up in the gallery. The reason it took so long? I, um, lost the issues. And there they were this morning, stuck between Stardust and my lone original issue of V for Vendetta in the collectable comic section (as opposed to the general, Australian, and A5 Australian sections). Alphabetical order, what will they think of next?

And finally, if anyone wants an unopened boxed set of the first three Crow movies, jump on ebay now! Yes, this is the version I complained about here, but there's nothing wrong with it, as long as you don't mind who does the commentary. The shop did offer me a refund, and has offered to look out for the 'real' commentary, but what with international postage, this is most likely the more economical option.

I did quite well on eBay a year or two ago, but that all dried up after getting rid of most of the obviously sellable stuff I didn't want. Still have various comics and videos which I wouldn't mind selling, but that's a tougher market. Just to see, I've also put The Stand and Hellraiser up, since I now have DVDs of both.