October 4th, 2003

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School kids play Quidditch

I have a friend working at a Sydney girl's school who came up with Quidditch rules which apparently worked well (a coupla years back now). In his version the golden snitch was a tennis ball that was tossed over the court between people on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, they're releasing a computer game, Quidditch World Cup. I play very few computer games (and considerably less since Thief 2 stuffed my hands up -- I wrote a whole chapter of Demon using voice-recognition software, which worked surprisingly well) but this seems kinda cool. I'm sure I would suck at it, and get bored easily.

It's has been pointed out my many a person that Rowling's Quidditch rules have all sorts of problems. I like that the computer game has rules that compensate for the power of the Snitch, which tends to make the rest of the game somewhat superfluous (despite what happens at the beginning of Goblet of Fire, arguably). There's also the problem that Quidditch happens so rarely, despite all the effort put into it. There only seems to be about 2-4 matches a year at Hogwarts -- and none at all when the Wizarding Challenge is on, despite that only affecting 4 people in the school (though that's a dramatic thing, so as not to get in the way of the trauma). There's also the compensation that her little Quidditch book was funny, as opposed to her little monster book, which wasn't.

All of which signifies... not very much. It's the internet. What do you expect?
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