September 30th, 2003

Dark Tower

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Got my Crow DVD boxed set (first 3 movies) in the mail this morning. Good-o, except...

I'm not a great fan of the Crow movies -- in fact, I've only ever seen the first one, though figured the rest might be worth a watch at some point. The reason I got the boxed set was that it seemed to be the only version with a Alex Proyas/David J Schow commentary on the original movie, as opposed to the stand-alone special edition, which has the John Shirley commentary. Since I am a fan of both Proyas and Schow, that was enough for me. As you've undoubtedly guessed, upon arrival the boxed set proudly proclaims itself to have the John Shirley commentary. The original advertising was wrong, and now I got to work something out, complicated by inter-continental communications.

(If you don't know about the feud over The Crow, it's probably best not gone into. But you can tell what side of it I'm on, whenever I'm called to be on a side at all.)

And I'm still not sure I'll finish my 70K, despite some good writing yesterday. Words aren't the problem (even if I discount the 1500 at the end of the manuscript which is extra crap that probably isn't going in), but research is. It's all a bit messy (there's a whole chapter not yet done, which may or may not need to be written) and certainly doesn't have the natural drama demonstrated by Patrick O'Duffy. But I want to get there, nonetheless.

Some good stuff has happened. Heard Peta Wilson on TripleJ this morning, who seemed to do reasonably well for someone trying to say nice things about League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. She said she loved the comic, but it was very bawdy and British (and ironic), which the Americans didn't get. She claimed the movie was thus softened around the edges (as opposed to drawn and quartered, which other commentators have said), and fun, fun, fun. We'll see (hey, it might well be -- I haven't read the comic, which probably helps, though have it on order). She actually spent most of her time debunking an internet bio and trying to cope with Adam and Wil.

Meanwhile, the Nikita DVD (original movie, special(ish) edition) arrived in the same package, which looks fine. Got a cheque from White Wolf which is also nice, and have been called upon to write a blurb for the Angel book, which is another step forward in the process. If I do that over lunch, and duck home (via library and bank) early, it may all work. But there's some heavy-duty database importing to do first.