September 29th, 2003

Dark Tower

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In a bizarre weather phenomenon, light snow fell on fires in the Blue Mountains yesterday afternoon.
That says it all, really...

Maybe it's better if it burns early anyway, when it's easier to control (a somewhat defeatist attitude, and something not be taken as encouragement to any crazy fucking arsonists out there).

Well, have played D&D (in which the gladiator was most success at sneaking up at listening to the evil cult's plans), mailed maps off, bought DVDs, stuffed around at, watched two eps of the Sopranos (trying to finish S3 again before S4 arrives), and then panicked because I'm supposed to get 70K done by the end of the month--which is, like, two days away. Fortunately I have a 67.2K head start, 600 words further on from the moment of panic. With a trip to the library, some mad googling, and making shit up, all should be well.