September 27th, 2003

Dark Tower

Did stuff

This has been an atypical day:

Went to a NOIE (National Office for the Information Economy, or somesuch) seminar, about eGovernment. Actually quite interesting, and I'll probably end up at a bi-monthly 'users group'... At least one presenter seemed to make the ecstasy connection (and there I was thinking it was just me).

Staggered round town, failing to buy quite a bit of stuff, except socks, shoelaces, Dork Tower and some Australian comics.

Went to a tax agent, chosen almost entirely because they are named 'Shrubshow and Rabbit' (how do you differentiate tax agents?). We got an agent called Peter, but never managed to find out if this was, indeed, Peter Rabbit. I was a bit unsure about the change (our old agent was good, but is now retired), but it seems to have ended up working out well.

Came home, mapped, cooked curry, mapped some more. Have now logged in (obviously), and discovered all the things people wanted me to do today.

But that'll do for the moment.
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