September 21st, 2003

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BAGHDAD, Iraq, Sept. 20 (UPI) -- U.S. soldiers shot a rare Bengal tiger to death during a drunken party with Iraqi police officers at the Baghdad zoo, the head of the institution said.

The incident occurred Thursday night, CBS News reported. The zoo chief said the soldiers, in military vehicles but dressed in casual clothing, arrived at the zoo with food and beer.

One of the soldiers went into the tiger's cage and tried to feed it but the tiger ripped off one of his fingers and chewed on his arm. Other soldiers then fired their weapons at the tiger, CBS said.

The Washington Times
Now, if this was all fiction, that would be a metaphor for many things. As it is, it's a dead tiger and yet another obstacle for the US to in convincing both the Iraqi people and the international community to fix things up. Because regardless of the American's original motivation, it still needs fixing... somehow.
Dark Tower

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Played D&D last night... My character keeps trying to do things that aren't supported by the rules. Or rather, they are, but not how he's been built. Fr'igxample, having cunningly sneaked in the top window of the seedy tavern/bad guy's lair to avoid any traps (whilst the party acrobat/bard went through the back door), I missed the combat with the shocker lizard. Until it got spooked and ran up the stairs. I tried kicking it back downstairs again (it's not very big), which might have been a good idea had I some sort of unarmed combat feat.

Oh well. Thanks to some actually pretty good dice rolling I killed the bugger with minimal sweat anyway. The main problem with the whole thing was that I was concentrating on the mage upstairs (who had already cleared out of Dodge), and had discounted the dwarven tavern-keeper entirely, which means I almost missed the next Important Clue in the cellar.

It probably fits the character pretty well. He thinks he's a badass--and has the skills to convince everyone else he's a badass--but when it comes to actual danger, he doesn't think things through too well. Or maybe that's the player.

Anyway, it's a good game, somewhat complicated by players doing all sorts of strange things. I think that lends credibility, particularly in this decadent urban setting (we're not just a bunch of ultra-efficient monster killers by any means). But it also leads to less fun things like facing monsters without the party Gladiator being able to do his thing. We also had a bit of a misunderstanding about a 'church in a crate', which tended to overshadow what was actually a very neat bit of plotting by the GM. Still, onward we go.