September 18th, 2003

Dark Tower

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More on Stephen King's award again, this time from a more official source:
In making the announcement on behalf of the Board of Directors, Neil Baldwin, executive director of the Foundation, said, "Stephen King's writing is securely rooted in the great American tradition that glorifies spirit-of-place and the abiding power of narrative. He crafts stylish, mind-bending page-turners that contain profound moral truths ­- some beautiful, some harrowing -­ about our inner lives. This Award commemorates Mr. King's well-earned place of distinction in the wide world of readers and booklovers of all ages."
That I agree with.

One of my favourite quotes about King is about his moral truths. Forget where it came from (possibly Douglas Winter), but it goes a little something like this:
King's characters live in the worst of all possible moral universes, in which the innocent suffer and the guilty are punished