September 17th, 2003

Dark Tower

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As usual, lots has been happening. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday, which we thought was pretty good (Kyla especially). The weirdest thing was seeing a graphical demonstration of the rules for naval combat we wrote up in a Sengoku supplement a few years ago: different types of cannon-balls, fancy ship manoeuvres, attacking the mast and such. (The supplement is unreleased, and though it's not looking very likely, it may still appear. I hope so, since I'm very proud of the work we put into it.)

Earthbound arrived, meanwhile. That's Kyla's to talk about, if she gets a moment, but I'm happy that the suggestions we both made for source material are mostly intact (a little thing, but fun). One thing in there we didn't suggest is Stephen King's It, though we possibly should have (even if It doesn't turn out to be the Crimson King after all). Somewhat coincidentally, we started watching the It mini-series on the weekend. It's pretty good too, but more on that when we finish It (boom boom). Also finished listening to Michael Connolly's Void Moon on cassette -- one of his non-Harry Bosch novels. Pretty good too, with lots of info about casinos and how to rip them off.

We bought a dartboard. Why? Why not. I managed to go round the clock once this evening, which isn't bad, I don't think. Now we just have to get it properly affixed to the wall somehow. All the moving of bookcases has paid off... (and also made a nice reference section in easy reach of the computer).

And I hit 60,000 words of the manuscript, mainly by ignoring Chapter 5 and doing Chapter 6 which is much easier, albeit with fiddly bits and much checking of things on DVD.

(Have I mentioned work has been very busy...)
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