September 5th, 2003

Clive Barker

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Well, it's almost 1:00 AM, which I guess means I've either written too many words, or too few...

Must remember that working till 11:00, then reading for a bit, is better for the sanity and the insomnia (but it doesn't necessarily help the books I'm writing, or reading).
Dark Tower

American Slendour

Thanks again to FilmInk, I got free tickets to American Splendour this weekend. The ticket says it's valid at Hoyts George St and Broadway, but no-one seems to have actually told Hoyts, since they haven't got any sessions on. That means a bus ride off to somewhere obscure (like, y'know, Paddington or Newtown), and I suspect I don't have the time or enthusiasm. I really liked Ghost World, but I'm not so sure about this.

Oh well, will probably duck out and watch 28 Days Later at the local multiplex instead. Or write stuff.

Random note 1: I've just noticed Thora Birch in this photo looks like one of the regular Section 1 torturers on La Femme Nikita. That's scary.

Random note 2: Does anyone know what the ad for 28 Days Later means when it says 'One Film. Two Endings. Now'? Sounds dubious to me.
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Dark Tower

(no subject)

Well, here I am back at work at 7:00 on a friday night. No big emergency, I just forgot my glasses, and won't be doing much writing without them. Work pretty much feels like an emergency at the moment thanks to all the people wanting stuff done, but that's probably just situation normal.

But when I got home, I finished today's DA crossword, which I'm happy about (it doesn't happen too often). It had a bit of a theme going, which I like in general, and this one in particular. So we had 'Insider to steal bird call' (Russell Crowe), which led to '[Russell Crowe] film sees middle class lover deploy film unit for $500' (A Beautiful Mind), 'Laden, fictional work of [Russell Crowe]' (LA Confidential), '[Russell Crowe] feature sees deal' (Spotswood) and 'Flora smothered a peak in [Russell Crowe] work with crude oil' (Gladioli). Throw in 'US rock band made first swing comeback without leader' (Metallica) and it's all very trendy (as much as such things get, anyway).

But anyway. I'm off home, again.