September 3rd, 2003

Dark Tower

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Well, that's a better word count for this evening. If I keep it up, I'll be fine. Unfortunately, it isn't on the dreaded Chapter 5. I've gone back and am over-writing a chapter I under-wrote in the first place (with the editor's permission). I only hope I'm not going overboard.

Meanwhile, I bought myself a very cheap copy of the first trade edition of King/Bachman's The Regulators this week (thanks to Bill for pointing it out). This is a book I really disliked upon first reading it, although I have come around a little in recent months (my Hearts in Atlantis review, of all things, has more on this -- though I suspect the fact it just didn't stand up to Desperation was also a factor).

I've also got to admit the US trade is a very nice book, with an odd and interesting cover. The various things it does inside (actual clippings, diary entires, etc) which the UK edition doesn't bother formatting, all seem to work. But I'm still bemused that one of the most expensive King collectables--the copy with goat skin and bullets--is for this particular novel. The prototype is currently the third highest priced King item on abebooks, at US$10,000. Highest is an edition of the The Stand at $25K (but of course that's nothing versus some Rowling editions...)