September 1st, 2003

Dark Tower


So, are you a warrior fish queen, or zombie food?

Thanks to the nice people at FilmInk, we've just been to see Undead!

It's... different. Explaining why probably wil spoil things, but let's just say it's a new Australian horror movie that is more cheerful and gory than anything since Braindead, and managed to fit a rather interesting plot somewhere in the midst of the gun-fu, hysteria and people taking their clothes off. It wasn't entirely polished, but had a consistency, ambition and good fx that lasted throughout. Various nods to Romero, but definately it's own beast. (There was also a plot twist that I nutted out in retrospect, but didn't connect together at the time, which made the end seem a tad confusing.)

Definately worth a looksee.

Meanwhile, my mail machine has died, probably under a deluge of error messages from an instrument. Looked like it had been fixed when I dashed out the door, but it's all fucked up now. Hopefully it can be resurrected tomorrow morning (despite all our admins being at AUUG).