August 31st, 2003

Dark Tower

Clarion Called

Well, just got my rejection from Clarion South. Bugger. Even if I had reservations about going, it would have been nice if my submission had made the grade. Also, Brisbane seems to be doing pretty damn well for RPG, comic and SF-type people, and it would have been great to visit (should get up there anyway, one day).

Maybe I could lock myself in my flat for six weeks instead. It worked once -- got my 'Spain' novel up to 45K on holidays, from which it has since refused to budge. Last holidays, I did pretty much nothing (I don't handle holidays well. I remember some years ago being so desperate after a week I organised a trip to Japan, which was very nice if utterly exhausting).

But anyway.

More writing this weekend, which is going quicker -- my deadline has been put back 2 weeks, which also helps. I've also been rearranging bookshelves (which is probably a bad sign of something--possibly too many books), reading The Gunslinger, playing D&D (my elf re-discovered he may have a bad attitude and a good tumble roll, but still has enormous trouble actually hitting anybody), discovered Jon B. is co-writing a Prisoner novel, and presently having Rob and Cat (or should that be R&C in LJ speak?) round for dinner. All good stuff...
Dark Tower

(no subject)

Does anyone not think Iraq is a disaster? During the war (the declared bit of it anyway), we seemed to have two media camps, the ones embedded in the military that said everythig was fine and 'we' were winning, and the ones that were saying that shock and awe didn't work too well, and the lines were over-stretched, and where were these WMD anyway? Of course, both sides accused the other of bias.

I guess you know which side I tended to believe.

But after reading through the current NYT commentaries, I'm wondering if, well, anyone is saying that things are going alright. Maybe it would be more cheerful, even if I didn't believe it.

(The NYT commentators do have ideas of what to do about affairs, and Thomas Friedman has had some interesting comments on good signs that have appeared sporadically, but most of them seem like long shots to me.)