August 29th, 2003

Dark Tower

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Because the FBI has nothing to hide...
--Dana Scully
After taking yesterday off from writing, today was consolidation of material, scouring the library for books on L.A. and gangs. We've got a great library, but I'm not sure I found too much (I did read a young-adult book covering the Rodney King riots which was interesting). Then it was X-Cops, which still works well, even though we haven't seen the source material. It makes some interesting connections between televised violence and the spread of fear, and Scully glowering at the camera is good value (it was either that or Savage Streets, and a John Farnham soundtrack is just too much to cope with).

We also got an ad for the ep following X-Cops -- the William Gibson one. Seem to recall that didn't make a great deal of sense, and it probably wasn't a good idea to put those two so close together. But cyber-Scully was good value.