August 27th, 2003

Dark Tower

The Greenwich Apartments

I finished listening to Peter Corris' radio play of The Greenwich Apartments, one of his Cliff Hardy detective novels. Radio plays is yet another thing I don't know a lot about, beyond Hitch-hiker's Guide and a Doctor Who thing or two (we helped 'proofread' Fearmonger, which reminds me we never heard the final version).

But this one seemed to work. There was enough plot to keep things moving without getting overly complicated, and some genuinely funny bits. Even the final action sequence worked reasonably well, which seems a tricky thing for the medium (I thought some of it was undercut by an over-enthusiastic sound mixer, who felt compelled to provide illustration of every potential creak).

As for Cliff himself, he's a bit of a Sydney fixture with twenty-five novels or so, starting in 1980 and still going. Detective novels are also not my usual thing, so I have read none of them (though I still have one of Rob's hanging about at home somewhere). But as various reviewers have noted, Corris seems to have a good touch with Sydney landmarks, which I heartily approve of, and fits the genre well.