August 26th, 2003

Dark Tower

Australian Fare

No time for a full report, since my computer has been rebuilt and I'm programming away. But last night I finished Sara Douglass' Hade's Daughter. It had some great ideas, some evocative and well-written passages, lots of sex and violence (indeed, more hardcore sexualised gore than most horror hovels), lots of moral ambivalence, but in the end the book was just the wrong shape for its story. Too much good stuff at the beginning told in fast forward, too many words describing not much happening in the middle, too many characters who were stuck in their mould, and not enough to give a feeling of the world about them. Interesting, but I'm not sure I'll keep going (it is, of course, the first in a series...)

Also received a book I grabbed off eBay, Kenneth Cook's The Killer Koala. I usually have a low tolerance for folksy stuff like this, but since Kenneth Cook did more to introduce the truly alien and hostile image of the Australian outback than anyone else (from him such things as Mad Max and Razorback grew), I'm interesting in reading his more laid back rendition on the theme. It's a collection of stories he claims are 100% true (of course!), and "give a wry, panic-striken look at Australia's last frontier".