August 23rd, 2003

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Anthrax wipes out proof of Elvis's moon trip Now that's sad.

Went to visit Geoffrey -- my brother -- for dinner last night, in his utterly fantastic new Erskinville apartment. It's narrow and high, and has odd nooks and crannies. I very much like out own apartment, but am jealous nonetheless. It was a good evening, with conversation and steak and Cheapass games. All four of us managed to win one game each, which was very egalitarian of us. Doctor Lucky was saved, and not a single witch was found innocent (though much plea bargaining was going on).

Prior to that, we took the opportunity of being in town to see Buffalo Soldiers, and I managed to spend yet more money on books! Who woulda thought it? So I've now added Peter Carey's My Life as a Fake to the list, and have the nice new Drawing of the Three (mostly because Phil Hale seems to have redone his illustrations for it, which work better than the originals I think. Not sure what the story is there). Also the Players Handbook 3.5, so we're on the same page as everyone else. To complete the literary shenanigans, I finished listening to Thomas Keneally's Flying Hero Class, and started a Cliff Hardy radio play.

Buffalo Soldiers is the film Gregor Jordan made between Two Hands and Ned Kelly. The former is one of our favourite Aussie movies, and the latter is a somewhat staid and uninteresting retelling of the Kelly myth. BS (hmmm) falls somewhere in between. Great ideas, very well made, but there was something about it that distanced the action from the audience, I felt. Maybe a pacing problem, but a lot more interesting than the average Hollywood flick with soldiers. It does the heart good to know someone can make a good Australian movie and then go and play with Ed Harris and Scott Glenn and a whole load of tanks.

Flying Hero Class is a novel I hadn't heard of, and my first Keneally book. It involves an Aboriginal dance troupe on tour, hijacked by terrorists! Now that's a plot description you can't go past. It was good too, as it followed the trials of the troupe's whitefella manager (and wannabe author) as he is caught between the Palistinians and Aborigines, not really understanding either. Add native title, Zionist writers and tribal magic, to come up with a potent blend. I did think it was a bit short maybe, but fascinating stuff. The person who read the book onto tape did a great job with the accents.

One thing in common between both those two was that they had been dated somewhat by the events of the dreaded 911. The tactics of hijacking have changed, and I suspect very few American soldiers are feeling bored, but the people involved are probably all pretty much the same.

And now I should have a clear run of writing over the weekend. Once I get dressed and buy meat and grocery-type stuff, anyway.
Dark Tower

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And now I should have a clear run of writing over the weekend.

Actually, I've been in research hell all day, but I did get a reasonable number of words out the other end. Kyla has also finished scouring most of S7 Buffy, trying to match half-seen doorways in one scene with another, and trying to justify completely arbitrary choices made by directors on a shot by shot basis.

Meanwhile, the saga continues, since now I'm mapping again tomorrow. This is actually a good thing, for technical reasons, but I'm over the whole thing. Still, we have George Vasilakos performing his magic on the final result, so it should look purty.

Trivial note 1: There isn't a cartography credit for the Demon adventure Fear to Tread. This is because they took Kyla's map of the Marshall School for Troubled Teens and just used it as is, rather than redo it with a program slightly better than Paint. I think it's about as good as you'd likely get with that technology, but it has been commented on (and a cartography credit would have been nice).

Trivial note 2: I got yesterday's DA cryptic crossword out. Yay me.