August 19th, 2003

Dark Tower

Maybe we're just easily amused

As found in our Chambers 20th Century (and no, we weren't surfing for rude words):

Pornocracy: the influence of courtesans--esp. over the papal court in the earlier half of the 10th century.

Meanwhile, the out-takes on the Spider-man DVD are very funny, almost entirely due to Willem Dafoe.
Dark Tower

The Ink

There are a lot of anthologies in Australian comics. That's for the sensible if frustrating reason that pretty much nobody is producing enough to put out full issues of their own stuff on a regular basis. But a good anthology can support the industry and be a worthwhile read all at once. By 'good', I mean an anthology should have a strong and diverse range of styles and ideas, but have a relatively consistent feel ('genre', to use a put-upon word) so it doesn't turn into a mish-mash. That means a good editor, and there's another sign of that as well: someone who's doing the job for the sake of the anthology, not because they want other people to support the publishing their own work.

All that is an introduction to a comic I got in the mail yesterday, Aaron Burgess' The Ink, the latest contender. I've read about a third of it thus far, and it looks interesting stuff -- more Fox than Issue One, for thems wot knows their history. Judging by Aaron's work on Comics Australia, and his very flash Escape, I think he's just the man for the job.

As for the issue, it includes the return of Christian Read (well, I haven't seen any of his stuff for a while, maybe he's been doing more Star Wars comics), a comic/video clip of a The The song (don't know the song, but it looks real nice), the exciting escapades of Nick Cave (or at least a bit of weird alternate history -- and no, he doesn't wear a cape), and more.

Is it going to explode into popularity, or at least reach the heights of Issue One and, say, Platinum Grit? I'm going to say no (though I hope I'm wrong). The distribution situation is getting worse rather than better, and the style of the comic is against it (slice of life/oddball is not going to hit the g-spot of an already small market). But it's nice to see someone trying, and produce good work on the way.

Anyone remember Rick Rave and the Rad Weeds, while I'm here? And is the inclusion of the Nick Cave story a subtle reference to King Ink? I suspect not...