August 18th, 2003

Dark Tower

You'll believe a man can eat flies!

(I'm sure that can't be an original line)

Thanks to a conversation further down this page, we have anticipated and planned for our usual Sunday-night collapse, when we long for something less arty and traumatic in our DVD collection. Thus we borrowed Spider-man and gave it a spin (I also finally ordered Requiem for a Dream on-line, which probably won't be viewed on a Sunday night anytime soon).

Spidy Verdict: Not overly impressed, I'm afraid. I think this is a director thing. Like Army of Darkness, I thought the pacing and jumpiness of the action undermined the good bits, leaving me to mostly watch it bemused (yet his more naturalistic dramas -- The Gift and A Simple Plan -- were fine). The human interaction had potential, but was undercut by the spider-man sequences being simply uninteresting (and a somewhat flat score from Danny Elfman).

Random notes:

I don't know if this was deliberate or not, but Tobey Maguire looks a lot like a young Sam Raimi, especially in some shots. He did a fair enough job.

Kirsten Dunst was alright, but didn't do much other than be lusted after and rescued at regular intervals.

Osborn's son was almost the most interesting character, although I'm not sure that worked out to its full potential either. They matched him visually to Willem Dafoe well.

It's always good to see Ted Raimi pop up (especially when he's not playing Joxer, anyway), and Bruce Campbell was fun. Managed to miss Lucy Lawless entirely, though I suspect she was shouting at Peter P before the cage match.

OK, I know this is a four-colour superhero comic flick, but characters almost casually tossing round about a ton of metal in the finale lost it for me, I'm afraid. I didn't see either of their strengths being anywhere near that previously.

Random Bruce Campbell note:

I wanna see Bubba Ho-Tep, goddamit. So somebody distribute it already.

Completely random note:

I just read a very favourable review of Freddy vs Jason (on the Cinescape site). The end is nigh.
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