August 7th, 2003


I have succumbed to the internet

My place in hell:

Lammasu: The Defilers

The Defilers are seducers, ever-changing, always
alluring. They once held dominion over the
oceans, and can alter their appearance like
quicksilver, taking the form of a victims
greatest desire. They can manipulate not only
their bodies, but others as well, granting
glorious beauty in place of ugliness, but
always at a price.

Choose your Place in Hell.
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Works for me (well, apart from the alluring bit. And the ocean bit).

Meanwhile, I watched the Nikita episode 'Mother' yesterday, featuring nuclear terrorist John Wick. Wonder if he'd generate as much argument as the real one?

(And because I'm pedantic, I'll mention it was spelt 'Wicke' in the end credits.)
Dark Tower

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Have done some writing this evening, but didn't add a lot of words. Mostly it was rearranging old ones, sticking sentences in here or there, and doing searches for esoteric information.

However, whilst on helpdesk at work this afternoon, I did teach someone how to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete, so have justified my existance for today.
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