August 5th, 2003

Dark Tower


Well, the pack is back. I'm sure I don't normally get this many books in the mail, really. I'll do this in two parts, for reasons that might become obvious.

Yesterday we got Contributor Copies of the new Demon supplement, Damned and Deceived, which we're very happy with. My rules for character creation have been shaved down a bit (that just might be my own over-enthusiasm when it comes to detail, something I must watch in my current assignment), but come across fine. The archetypes (oops, Eden speak, they're templates. Or something) which we both worked on all look good.

My fiction is pretty much all there, and I'm proud of it. I think it captures the confusion, pain and aspirations of a human enthralled to a demonic being, all wrapped up in a plot which manages to illustrate the concepts and rules, and wouldn't be too out of place in an actual gaming session. Kewl. There used to be a murder mystery of sorts wrapped up in it as well, but the editor did a fine thing by nipping that in the bud. I'm sure my text is still a bit jumpy (and losing some of the scene breaks doesn't help), but I think this is all a hint that fiction is what I'd prefer to be doing (as if I didn't already know).

Meanwhile, I get illos as well, which are almost uniformly good. It turns out my protagonist is a sort of 20-something Harry Potter/Tim Hunter type, which is fair enough. In one picture especially (p44 -- and I do know no-one else has a copy yet), he looks uncannily like a young Stephen King, which is also kewl.
Dark Tower

Return of the King

The other books I got was two separate packages of Stephen King stuff. One was the cheapish stuff I bid on eBay last week, which aren't bad. The other was my revised edition of The Gunslinger, which has been somewhat delayed, but looks very nice.

Along with that is the Dark Tower Concordance, which is a very geeky thing indeed. But it has maps! (Very simple maps, it must be said -- Roland mostly travels in a straight line, other than ducking backward and forward to New York and Kansas on occasion). I wonder if we'll get ones of Gilead and New Canaan in the next volume (this one only covers Books 1-4). The appendices are nice, especially, and justify purchasing this over and above my copy of the Stephen King Encyclopedia and Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King -- at least as much as this sort of thing can be justified.

I should probably read the revision as soon as poss. I'm interested there are actually different maps for the two editions... My current book is Sara Douglass' Hades Daughter, which I'm not entirely enthralled by, but it has managed to pick up in interest after about 50 pages of zooming through generations at a great rate. We'll see how we go.
Dark Tower

(no subject)

After a day or two off for rest, relaxation and reading of Demon stuff, it's back into the writing. Speaking of which, the Clarion South entry period has just ended, so all us prospective writers will hear if we made the grade soonish. They got 50 applicants, more or less, with 15 more places to fill, so who knows what'll happen.

(Somebody sent a message around the Clarion list this week with the heading 'Congratulations', so I'm wondering how many people thought it was their personal acceptance letter. It did cross my mind...)

I'll have to admit I have some reservations about attending, even if I do get accepted. Not least of all because of the entry fee, my strange dietary requirements, and that Brisbane + January = Humidity++. Then there's my reservations about the whole short story thing, which is the main focus of the camp. But all such speculation is academic until the word is handed down.