August 2nd, 2003

Dark Tower

Friday Night

Got home, pretty much collapsed. Considered seeing a movie (Identity and T3 seemed to be the options -- maybe if Wrong Turn was playing locally -- or Lost In La Mancha for that matter. Ah, the perils of suburban living). But I did a crossword, staggered in to do some writing, and read a book (at least partially). Pretty typical friday night, really.

The good news is that I finished a DA crossword, the bad is I got two answers wrong. Bugger. (Who knew Mai-Tai was a cocktail, and Zagreb a metropolis? -- not I.)

In the world of Stephen King, he's just signed up to do a monthly pop-culture column for Entertainment Weekly! I reckon it'll be fun. They've also started production of Kingdom Hospital, his remake of Lars von Trier's miniseries The Kingdom. Never got into the original (saw an episode or two, I seem to recall), and Steve's screen-writing record hasn't been entirely laudatory but, again, it'll probably be worth a look. It's good he's keeping busy in his 'retirement'.

Edit: Corrected the name of von Trier's mini-series (though if I was being arty, I'd go with Riget).
Dark Tower

Magic Casements

It seems there is a day dedicated to local SF, Fantasy and Horror publishing coming up in September, run through the NSW Writers Festival. Certainly looks like good fun, and lots of interesting people will be there. The problem will be deciding which room to be in.

That is, however, easy for Kyla in the afternoon. She's on a panel talking about Breaking into the Business. David might sneak into the Horror and Humour panel when no-one is watching.

Anyway, here's the link: