July 31st, 2003

Dark Tower


The word of the day is 'tchotchke'. Right. I think they're just making that up.

Anyway, still back at work -- I've now yet another big task pulling at my programming time, which is going to fun to manage, or not. Tomorrow (today) there's a demo of the current application I'm writing, but at least I don't have to do the talking. In an off moment I put a bid on a Stephen King book and managed to win it, much to my surprise. I don't think anyone else was trying.

Also saw the last episode of Angel for S4. They take over Wolfram and Hart. It was... different. Lots of writing this evening, including a chapter to send off.

I obviously shouldn't do this at 12:20, since I'm breaking up...
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Dark Tower

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Well, this is either a still from the new Harry Potter movie, or The Crow has a new-found love of pink sweaters.

We had our demonstration of my application this morning at work, for a small but select audience including the head of Corporate. As is the way of the universe, the first bug, which I'd never seen before, appeared in about 3 minutes. Something that worked yesterday didn't...

but overall it went pretty well.