July 30th, 2003

Dark Tower

Live Stuff

Just realised we still don't have enough stamina between us to go into town and see The Pitchfork Disney. Alas, looks good wholesome(?) fun.

We always do want to see more live theatre, and enjoy the ones we get to, but it doesn't happen very much. We saw Underworld recently, which was the Sydney Dance Company doing it to Nick Cave. Have fond if occasionally vague memories of things like the Clockwork Orange musical, an adaptation of the Monk, The White Devil, and a series of monologues based around death, which was done by someone Kyla used to know (aka the woman in the Medibank Private commercials). I've been wanting to put a bit of a tribute to some of the performances up on the web site, but that never quite seems to happen either. It's often an emphemeral art, so it'd be nice if someone was keeping track.

(Click on piccie for the SMH article)