July 28th, 2003

Dark Tower

Mercenary Musings

I'm not really a big fan of Angel. It has a lot of elements I like, but they don't normally fuse together into something that pushes the buttons. Kate and Darla are the characters that usually took it up to an extra level, perhaps because the humour tends to take a back seat when they were around.

That doesn't mean I won't write a book about it if somebody pays me! Good God no. Though the fact that my current project concentrates on the elements of most interest to me is a good thing (and I'm actually learning some things about it I missed first time round).

I watched a quick doco on the making of the program this arvo, and it astounds me that it gets made at all. Trying to juggle intricate drama with lots of characters, big stunts, demon makeup... the wonder is that any of it is watchable.

I guess the point of all this (and I'm sure I wouldn't have a livejournal if I couldn't make a point every now and again), is that we seem to have been in a bit of a utopia of 'weird' TV drama. Twin Peaks, X-Files, American Gothic, Buffy, The Sopranos... they all seem to have a point, try to do something that hasn't been done before, and push the quality of their medium as far as they can. I'm sure there are other examples too. It makes you forget that there was a time when the only 'supernatural' character on TV was a puppet called Alf. So I worry that the utopia will end, taken over by people trying to copy success, and pushed aside by TV which is just not as difficult (ie expensive) to make.

Then again, maybe I'm getting old and crotchety. I've watched bits of 24, Alias and Six Feet Under, but they didn't appeal. I've never been dragged into The West Wing. Can't spot anything else I really want to watch. So I can at least say with self-satisfaction, 'it's not as good as it used to be'.

Meanwhile, here's a fun quote dragged from my memory of the commentary on the first Nikita episode:
When we started, we didn't know if TV would cope with a main character who killed people, but there, forty minutes into the first episode, she's done it. Of course, these days you can't have a main character who doesn't kill people...

(Great commentary, BTW. I also discovered that there are two shots taken from the movie Point of No Return, and the producers didn't like what Roy Dupuis was doing for a few episodes, before suddenly realising what an incredible thing it was)
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