July 27th, 2003

Dark Tower

The End is Nigh...

and WW is going to raid everybody's homes and steal their old game books so nobody can play with them any more.

I read that on the internet, you know.

But yes, The Time of Judgement is coming, and it's going to be fun. We worked on the Demon stuff, which is both both funky and something of an honour (I'm sure no-one else will care, but we gets what pleasures we can).

David C
Dark Tower


Here's a strange review, but a nice mention, as appearing in this weekend's Australian and passed on by Cat. We're still not sure if it's good or bad 'whether you've already read stories like those featured here'... For more info, and a nicer review, go here: Agog! Terrific Tales.

Dark Tower

Random Noir

Just saw Killer's Kiss, the early Kubrick flick, as part of a sporadic noir fest we're going through at the moment. It was good too (as you might expect). The plot was nothing spectacular, but there was definate art in the use of camera and sound, and it had a very strange fight scene.

Meanwhile, last night I created a skeletal monk called Snake for a possible new Planescape game Kyla's running. We're all Dustmen trouble shooters, which sounds good fun (Dustmen are "D&D for Goths", as Australian Realms said a long time ago). d20 of course. One day we will have enough free brain cells to run a Demon game, or something.

Other than that it's been writing, watching semi-random Angel scenes and eating pancakes with pear jam. Looks like the second dose of antibiotics is kicking in too (cross fingers).
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