July 26th, 2003

Dark Tower

On the Beach

Read an article yesterday that pointed out that Nevil Shute has been more or less forgotten by his adopted country (that's us Aussies, mate). I've never read A Town Like Alice, but that's a definate shame for On the Beach. As well as the original novel there's a movie adaptation and a recent US mini-series, and all are quite different but good. The premise (for those who don't know it), is that the Northern Hemisphere has been nuked to hell, but the rest has been protected from immediate devestation by favourable winds, meaning the poisoned air creeps only slowly southward. In Australia, people are trying to cope in all sorts of different ways, but basically waiting for the end. Meanwhile, a US sub tries the long journey back to see if anyone has survived the holocaust.

Excellent stuff. I was thinking of doing a review of it, plus the adaptations, for the website not too long ago, but something else came up instead. Maybe more on that soon.

David C
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