July 25th, 2003

Dark Tower

And... Books

Apparently as a somewhat delayed response to new security fears, books have started travelling in packs for safety, and yet more have arrived:

Southern Blood: a CC each for both of us. This is an Aussie horror anthology with a... well, long and checkered history, let us say. But now it's out, and if nothing else is a very handsome volume indeed, inside and out. We'll get a scan of it up on the website next week.

Player's Guide to Low Clans: More Dark Ages stuff from WW (Kyla has just been contracted for some more DA wordage).

And there is a package as yet unopened which looks like it contains Borderlands, yet another anthology.

And the Nikita DVDs have got here. This is S1, and I seem to recall S2 and 3 are the best of them (S4 was a bit dire, though had its moments; S5 finished things off about as well as could be expected, if not hoped for). I probably won't have time to watch this lot for a long while, but an episode here or there is well in order (then again, I still haven't broached the Twin Peaks DVDs. Or the Special Edition of Suspiria, or Romero's Martin. Or even the Criterion Dead Ringers. Sigh.)

Meanwhile, I am actually reading stuff (which is often a problem when there are words to be written). Got through about a third of Jennifer Government last night, which is a very strange thing. At this point it's a little hard to see if it's all going to hang together, but the potential is definately there.
Dark Tower


Well, sick or not, I've gone through another Friday ritual: almost finishing the DA cryptic in todays's Herald. DA is David Astle (from memory), and the most interesting and twisted of the various compilers. Having said that, the last week or two haven't been his best.

Despite various guesses (I got Apothegm for 'Saw Page Moth Ruined', but apparently it's a pithy saying, not a doctor as I suspected), I couldn't get the last one out, which seems to happen quite a lot, alas.

Some of his more interesting ones from recent weeks:

Note ring roads: OCTAVE

Can find contraband, finally, in various offerings: SNIFFER DOG

Waterbird is ^#@% duck: FLAMINGO

and my favourite:

Amniotic fluid embalms sorry-hearted death merchant: MORTICIAN