July 22nd, 2003

Dark Tower

American Gothic

It's been about 8 years or so, and I still reckon American Gothic is one of the best and scariest TV shows ever made. Edge of Darkness is probably a more concentrated and moody example, and if you look at individual seasons, then Twin Peaks S1, Millennium S2 and Buffy S3 are up there (not sure I could name an X-Files season, but it had a pretty good run around S3-4 I seem to recall). But AG has its place in my heart. I also argue that, along with Twin Peaks it is one of the most internally consistent portrayals of a world where the supernatural is a hidden but prevalent force, affecting almost all aspects of life. That sort of breadth is where TV can have the advantage over movies (though it rarely takes it), and why the idiot box is still worth a look every now and again.

(I also think AG is Sam Raimi's best ever project, but sometimes I wonder if his heart was really in it, just because of some of the background stuff I've read. Evil Dead, A Simple Plan and The Gift are pretty good though -- and I've no real intention of seeing Spiderman.)

The point of all this is that they're apparently making an American Gothic movie, maybe a new series, and maybe a DVD release of the original. Of the three, I think I'd prefer the DVDs, but a movie may just recapture the magic. The important thing is they seem to have a chance at the three main adult actors (Brenda Bakke, Gary Cole and Jake Weber), and some of the original creators. They'll have a new kid, though, which is probably necessary (and I'm hoping for Paige Turco).

It seems to me the best news is that this is happening despite the fact American Gothic was never a runaway success, ratings wise (the stories of production tampering are a bit of a nightmare, and if nothing else it'd be nice to have a DVD set that contains the episodes in the right order!). That indicates to me that it's being done because the filmakers want to do it, rather than being compelled by easy cash. It's sort of like Buffy and Forever Knight rising above their original origins (though the origins in those cases don't compare, quality-wise). It probably won't even have as much problem as La Femme Nikita, which was always overshadowed by the movie, despite forging its own path (more conventional to start off, but ending up just as twisted, if not more so).

Just some speculation, and musing on the artistic process. Meanwhile, here's some links (can't believe some of these still exist):

Dark Tower

Son of Style, Baby

Well, I figured out how to match the TR house style with one of the more elegant LJ ones, as discovered by benpeek, and I'm liking the result. I also fiddled with the date format, and though I'm not too keen on the fact it doesn't tell you how many messages their are, it does look purty.

I also had a go getting LiveJournal to work, which didn't. Can't get through ANSTO's proxy server, I don't think. Might try another one, although I don't mind the web system. If nothing else it looks like the experiment is off to a good start.

David C
Dark Tower

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

To follow on from a comment further down the page, Dark Wesley in Angel is indeed da bomb. But I've just watched the deleted scene from 'Waiting in the Wings', where he is dancing ballet with Fred (the ever-cute Amy Acker) and it's very funny indeed.

David C
Willow (re Wesley): Oh, and it's the Marlboro Man... or at least his extra stubbly, mentally unstable, insomniac first cousin...
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