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We had a retirement lunch today, for one of the guys in my division. It means I'm now the second longest serving member of Ansto IM (even if IM doesn't quite officially exist anymore, and you have to count my vacation work in '88). Lots of retirements lately, but most of the old crowd were back again today. These are the people who -- to pull an anecdote from the air -- pushed for Unix on site, to make Ansto/AAEC one of the first sites in Australia to implement it (along with a uni or two). There's an incredible amount of expertise among them, and they've remained flexible as time creeps on.

This retirement is why I've suddenly got lots of web stuff to do, and there's plenty more to be done as well, I suspect. I got his computer though, to add to the stuff on my desk.

Among the crowd was my old boss, Eric C. He is enjoying retirement greatly, and apparently has just starred in a short film! Eric is probably the bestest human being I know, which would undoubtedly horrify him greatly, but there you go. He even gave me a present, which was very nice -- a collection of Guido Crepax's S&M comics. You know it's art when it's in hard cover.
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